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East to West

Written by William West


Posted on January 02 2021

Inspired by its own renowned archive, full of the most wonderful textile treasures, GP & J Baker has created this magnificent collection.



‘East to West’ is an homage to our enduring fascination with the riches of the East brought to Europe by intrepid traders over many centuries.


The extraordinary embroidery and weaving skills, which had been passed down through generations over hundreds of years, also gave Europe superb silks and the gorgeous damasks originating from the city of Damascus. These skills are still evident today in our studio and weaving mills, bringing beautiful designs to life and making them relevant to the modern day.


Gorgeous fantasy floral and ethnic embroideries, opulent damasks and Chinoiserie inspired prints are paired with superbly coloured vintage linens, velvets and textural weaves.


The namesake of the collection East to West is a spectacular design of boats with multi colored sails of vibrant ikat embroidery reflecting the amazing journeys and adventures of the past.