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Posted by William West on Apr 6th 2019

One of Sue Firestone’s main inspirations, when creating her first collection 

with Kravet Couture, is organic simplicity. The “Malibu” Collection 

is reflective of Sue’s native California.

Babbit - Vapor by Kravet  Doyen - Linen by Kravet  

Light billowy prints and sheers exude sophisticated west coast living. 

Babbit - Ecru by Kravet  Olivos - Gris

Delicate textures and a soft neutral color palette at first may seem simple, 

the beauty is all within details; from the stippled dots to the intricate line work, 

exquisite technique was used required to create these designs.

Shambhala - Nomad by Kravet  Steep - Icicle by Kravet